I give you, The Loudener

I give you, The Loudener

Jul 22, 2013

With all the attention “going quiet” gets, it’s easy to forget about the intense demoralizing effect that live fire can have. Sometimes it’s good to be loud, and if you need to be loud, there is no better way to do it. A simple and effective single chamber brake, the Loudener reduces recoil and amplifies the concussive shockwave in a distributed 180 degree pattern in front of the muzzle. In comparison to an A2 flash hider with identical length barrel and ammo, the loudener proved roughly twice as loud.
Manufactured by Ares Armor, we are taking orders now and expect delivery around September 1st.

Loudener 5.56 $75 shipped http://snakehoundmachine.com/store/home/30-ar-loudener.html
Loudener AK  $75 shipped http://snakehoundmachine.com/store/home/29-ak-loudener.html
Loudener 308 $85 shipped Available soon






  1. Mr. Wen /

    Will the Loudener be made available for purchase in the future? I saw that it was supposed to be available starting in September. Now that I look at the link it has been removed. I was interested in purchasing one (for starters). Please let me know when you have a moment.

    Thank you

  2. Any idea when these will be shipping?
    I placed my pre-order way back when but haven’t heard anything other than an email when I place the pre-order.

  3. The link to the store is broken…I need this….help!

  4. David Lee Torres /

    When will the next run be available for purchase ?

  5. MattTaylor /

    I would like a 5.56 loudner when they are are available please.

    Matt Taylor

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